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The Humane Education Department at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, guided by the Humane Education Advisory Council is pleased to announce it has donated more than 130 copies of the book Buddy Unchained to elementary school libraries around Allen County.

Buddy Unchained is a story about a dog kept chained outdoors and ignored by its owners who gets rescued and taken to the animal shelter. This type of situation is frequently seen. It’s Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control’s hope that stories like this support their mission to promote empathy, compassion and humane treatment of animals by having our future leaders read and learn from this story.

The stories teach empathy because there is a known link between animal abuse and neglect and other types of abuse like domestic violence and elderly abuse. Studies have also shown children who witness animal abuse are also at a higher risk of becoming abusers themselves.

The Humane Education Department works day in and day out to provide services for the community to intervene and work to break the cycle of violence. They do that by providing education programs at the shelter, producing educational videos for classrooms, creating engaging lesson plans for teachers, utilizing social media and providing children with character building stories like Buddy Unchained.

“We hope that providing children with empathy building materials like Buddy Unchained will help them navigate through life with a better understanding and deeper connection to the animals and people they interact with on a daily basis,” Community Relations and Education Specialist Holly Pasquinelli said. “We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to donate Buddy Unchained and reach so many children in our community.”

The Humane Education Department used money awarded to the department from winning a video contest to fund the donation of both English and Spanish copies of Buddy Unchained along with a lesson plan. We hope Buddy Unchained will be enjoyed by students for years to come.

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