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In 1984, Bart Bunn, a third generation businessman-like many in Waynedale-kept the tradition going. Back then Bart’s specialty was construction, and with his single-axle dump truck and a grader, he was in business.

The Bunn Trucking Company grew over the years to include Bunn Inc. and the most recent Bunn Box. “As a company, we were always looking for new opportunities,” said owner Bart. “Our goals are in line with most businesses. It really comes down to just becoming better every day by integrating new technology and, improving the customer experience.”

The 18-acre Bunn Box, a recycling and transfer station for non-hazardous material, officially opened in April 2016. Currently the fleet includes over 70 trucks, 25 Roll-off and 40 heavy, along with 70 excavation or earth moving pieces of equipment. At the transfer station alone, there are 8 pieces of equipment with the single job of crushing stone, everyday.

One unique feature of the Bunn Box Recycle and Transfer facility is that it takes in recyclable concrete material, and then they crush the concrete, making it into several stone sizes for reuse in many other applications. “It grades out as great material when completed,” states Barry Howard, the company’s Sales Manager for the recycling and transfer station.

Bunn box TruckMany people feel that recycling is important because waste has a negative impact on our environment. Recycling can help reduce that pollution caused by waste. Recycling is done at the Ardmore location, 6301 Ardmore Avenue. Trucks with a Bunn Box bring the material back to the Ardmore recycling site where it is sorted. The material hauled in includes concrete, metal, wood solid waste and other recycle material.

“The process we provide at The Bunn Box facility reduces waste taken directly to a landfill. We are a unique area facility that offers the ability to meet your LEED-based construction project’s needs as well as your commercial waste and recycling needs,” stated Barry. “It is a clean, user-friendly facility.”

The Bunn Box concept is great for business, offering a wide range of box sizes from 2-yard to 8-yard frontload (with lids) commercial containers, and 15 to 40-yard open-top boxes for construction sites, industrial sites, demolition or home remodeling, where there is a need for larger containers. And for new builds such as a home or commercial properties you can find as much as 60% recyclable material which Bunn Box will then process and divert from the landfill. You don’t need to sort the materials. You can dump wood, cardboard, plaster, metal, asphalt, bricks, concrete, furniture, carpet, pipes, wiring, fixtures all into one container on this type of project. They do the sorting when it gets back to the yard.

Bunn Box is a family business. Bart Bunn’s strong, humble family includes his wife Kaye, sons Paul, Kyle and Jordon along with over 100 employees who enjoy being part of Waynedale and supporting the community.

“It was a thankful summer; the Bunn family was busy with many projects like The Fort Wayne International Airport and Grissom Air Force Base. In addition to other various projects downtown,” said Barry.

The Bunn Box Recycle and Transfer Station is open to the public for direct drop-off of general waste and recycle material. If you need a Bunn Box delivered, they can be ordered in a variety of sizes based on your needs, ie., 15, 20, 30, 40-yard boxes (also referred to as Roll-off or Big Box styles). For your weekly business needs Bunn Box offers 2 to 8-yard commercial containers (with lids) that take care of your waste and recycling needs at your place of business. There are over 650 Bunn Boxes available with around the clock support. The cost of The Big Box or Frontload with lids depends upon the size, location and non-hazardous material that you are collecting. The most popular size for a residential project would be a 15 or 20-yard box. To rent one or establish weekly frontload services there is a dispatch available 24/7 by calling either 1-855-BUNN BOX or 260-747-1791 and by email at: info@bunninc.com. And, service times that meet your schedule! “When you need it done you can count on Bunn!” Bunn Box supports locally based business growth in Fort Wayne and throughout the Indiana area market.

Bunn Box would like to say, “Thank you to our customers, our family of employees and the entire community for the partnership, dedication and support which has led to our growth. We are very grateful!”

Cindy Cornwell

Cindy Cornwell

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