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The Moment Between
by Nicole Baart
Tyndale House
PB, 362 pages

Abigail Bennett has been in her sister’s shadow since the day she was born. The only one able to calm her sister’s instability, Abigail has never truly been free to live her own life. Even after her sister’s suicide, Abigail still lives feels a bond to her departed sister.

Abigail ventures to Canada in a quest for revenge on Tyler Kampf, the man she blames for driving her sister over the edge. Through a series of unusual events Abigail is taken in by the owner of Thompson’s winery, Tyler’s uncle. As she lives and works beside Tyler, the man she’s come to hate, Abigail is forced to make a choice. Is vengeance on Tyler truly what she wants, or can she bring herself to forgive him and finally be set free?

Nicole Baart creates a perfect example of the struggle to forgive. Her subtle spiritual input covers a variety of internal struggles, such as depression, guilt, and coping with the loss of a loved one. Readers, old and new, will find strength in her subtle story of God’s redemptive work in his creation.

This book is reviewed by Hanna Smith a professional writing major at Taylor University who enjoys getting lost in a good book.