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These options continue to make life better.

Life can be better for those that suffer from hearing loss with the use of digital hearing aids. Unlike personal sound amplifiers, those inexpensive, online or magazine items that make sound louder…ALL sounds LOUDER, digital hearing aids can be adjusted to conform to your hearing loss and bring in the sounds you need. After over thirty years in practice I feel that the engineers have finally achieved a significant breakthrough. The technology introduced within the last 2 years offer a vast array of improvements for my patients, starting with those obtaining hearing aids for the first time to those seeking additional relief from the increasing changes in their hearing loss and hearing demands.

No longer are they just small, but with compromised hearing improvements, these discrete little digital computers are now smart enough to distinguish the difference between the speech you are trying to hear and the noise that you want to avoid. Patients are reporting a vast improvement in their ability to hear and understand speech in places like restaurants and social gatherings. Social situations and activities from which they had gradually withdrawn are now enjoyable again.

Mild to moderate hearing losses, with a gradual onset due to life’s noise exposure or just the aging process for those unfortunate few, slowly take away that enjoyable and carefree hearing ability we had in our youth. But, today’s technology utilizes miniature directional microphones and digital circuitry to reduce background noise and make speech easier to hear. OR, it just automatically adjust to make hearing easier in those casual conversational situations at home that we take for granted. Selective hearing becomes a thing of the past when technology steps in and brings back your hearing, so that you are not confusing “Are you thirsty?” with “is it Thursday?” Confusion turns into participation.

For those that have worn hearing aids, now you can hug someone or put a telephone to your ear without it squealing at you. Or, having someone in the house ask why is your hearing aid squealing and you don’t hear it. The new digital technology makes feedback a thing of the past. It can easily be programmed out of the hearing aid and made to work with your existing hearing needs.

Telephone options? Having trouble hearing on the telephone? Now the call can be transmitted to both ears via the digital streaming technology available in the new miniature digital hearing instruments.

Do you need to get it all and pay outlandish prices? Absolutely not! The major manufacturers have established tiers of available technology from which your needs can be addressed. Yes, technology that was available 20 years ago, with their inherent limitations is still available as basic, inexpensive products available through the Internet and magazines. With that you end up with technology restrictions and listening limitations. So, you want a Pinto, with a manual transmission, roll up windows and gets limited mileage. Still available. Then you find out that driving through the noise of the city, your foot gets exhausted, you’re over heating trying to figure out where you are. Remember, with hearing aids you can take a test drive following your hearing test, establish your hearing needs and obtain instruments that are appropriate for your hearing needs.

Interested in improving your hearing? Call for a free hearing screening, or for a location near you that will help you hear again. Local assistance is available at the Fort Wayne Audiology Center, 260-426-0127, 217 West Wayne Street.

Serving greater Fort Wayne since 1976. Robert J. DeNyse, M.A., Board certified and state licensed Audiologist and Bradley Lehman, Licensed hearing aid specialist.

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