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PSEUDONYM – The Book Nook

by Dennis E. Hensley and Diana Savage
Whitaker House, PB
294 pages, 2016

Sheila Davis dreams of becoming a published author. When a scholarship allows her to attend a summer program at a nearby college, she jumps at the chance to leave her small-town life behind. Soon after arriving, however, Sheila finds herself in the center of a whirlwind romance that soon fades into fifteen years of menial labor and wasted time. Just when she’s given up hope, one final chance at living the life of her dreams appears. Sheila dives in…but success may cost everything.

Adult fans of realistic Christian fiction will love this book. This novel pulls readers in from the first page with its relatable setting and life-like characters. All factual points are well-researched and accurate, though the characters do at times take actions that could be considered morally challenging. Unexpected plot twists keep readers guessing throughout the duration of the story. Themes of forgiveness, persistence, and hope are woven expertly through the plot. This is a real page-turner with a very surprising, but wholly pleasing, ending.

Whereas some actions taken by the characters in this story could fall into moral grey areas, overall their struggles with God’s love and forgiveness line up well with the Christian worldview. Sheila’s search for the life she always dreamed of living inspires the hope readers need to try one more time.

This book has been reviewed by Kenzi Melody who is a student in the professional writing program at Taylor University.