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ELMHURST FootballHigh school football teams in our part of the state,
Have a history of being exceptionally great!

Teams like Cadets, Bruins and ‘Skins,’
Saints, Hawks and Knights, all amass plenty of wins.

Even Wayne Generals never lost so much.
But our Trojans’ streak was too untouchable to touch.
A record that amassed 64 straight defeats…

How did those brave souls ever strap on their cleats?

As a Trojan myself and faculty member with pride,
There were times I wish I could have found some place to hide.

But then I’m reminded that with every defeat and trial,
‘Twas much sweeter when we finally could smile.

By winning just once we’d had a great season,
A celebration so big for the tiniest reason.

Once we were mentioned on Late Night with David Letterman,
Trojans all, the proudest of all high school Americans!

Allen Shaw
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Allen Shaw

Allen is a lifetime resident of Waynedale. He was declared legally blind in 2013 and at that time he turned to writing and has written many children’s stories, poems and essays. He graduated from Elmhurst High School and was a formal choral director there as well. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer