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Hearing loss is more noticeable than hearing aids! The “huh?”, “what?” or “Could you repeat that?”, or just the general withdrawal from casual conversations. People do not “mumble” or talk too “soft” any more now than then did 20, 30 or 40 years ago when you had normal hearing and could follow the conversation.

You are not developing dementia or Alzheimer’s but you may appear to be. You are merely missing part of the speech cues that comes with most mild hearing loss.

Help? The people around you should get your attention first. Establish eye contact. Keep eye contact throughout the conversation. Don’t walk away and stay in the same room. If they are talking from another room don’t expect to fully understand what they are saying. Your brain will never tell you when it is taking a guess. Did they say carve or car? That’s fine or That’s the sign (then you missed the turn dear!).

Free hearing screenings or consultation available Monday through Saturday by appointment by calling 426-0127 in Fort Wayne, or in Northeastern Indiana call 1-800-832-0290. No cost. No obligation. Just information. It may not be just selective hearing!

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