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Sweater from Fort Wayne’s Rockin’ Ruby’s Vintage purchase by the costume designer for the mini-series The Astronaut Wives Club.The Astronaut Wives Club: a true story by Lily Koppel is now an ABC ten-part mini-series projected to air this spring. The series like the book chronicles the wives of the Mercury Seven astronauts as their lives are put under the microscope of pubic scrutiny as their husbands are hailed as national heroes.

For those of us who lived through the 1960s and watched US space exploration progress from orbiting the earth to landing on the moon, the astronauts and their feats were common 6 o’clock news. Their young pretty wives were thrust into a whirlwind of stardom: having tea with Jackie, meeting President Kennedy, splashed on the covers of Life magazine-their fashions studied, their opinions and favorite activities noted. People watched their brave faces as their husbands did the unthinkable and grieved with them when tragedies struck.

Now with the TV series we will relive some of those moments again and at the same time learn more about their lives away from the cameras and journalists.

Recently Cheryl Stano of Rockin’ Ruby’s Vintage an Internet Etsy shop and consigner at Saving Grace Vintage on West Berry Street, Fort Wayne was contacted by the show’s costumer designer through her Etsy shop. He ends up purchasing four sweaters for the show.

One is a vintage twinset (cardigan + sleeveless top) in a sweet avocado green. It is made of a stretchy knit and sports marbled buttons, embroidered placket detail and a nylon zipper in the back. The label indicates it is a Talbott Traveler.

Another sweater selected by the designer is a cardigan made of cocoa brown and ivory virgin wool that buttons up the front. Its label indicates it is a Juniorite.

The designer next chose a cozy cardigan sweater in charcoal grey. The unlined sweater has a slightly chunky knit, a button front, open neckline/collar, ribbed cuffs & waist. Made of an acrylic/blend it is a Tricosa and manufactured in the 1960s.

Lastly we may be able to spot a 1960s era Kandahar Deluxe pullover sweater in olive green with finely ribbed cuffs, neckline and waist made of acrylic Dupont Orlon on a character.

So watch for the TV promos for the show’s premier. The first episode is appropriately named “Launch”. One thing is for certain: Cheryl will be watching out for her vintage threads to see who might be dressed in vintage clothes direct from Fort Wayne!

Lois Levihn is the owner of Born Again Quilts at 4005 South Wayne Ave. She has been writing columns on quilts and other textiles for The Waynedale News for over five years. She can be reached at 260-515-9446 or bornagainquilts@frontier.com.

Lois Levihn

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