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Lois Mangona, member at Waynedale Curves, completed her 1400th workout on June 16th, 2014It all began back in January of 2003. That’s when Lois Mangona took her first step inside Curves for Women just to check it out. Her daughter, Mary, had been trying to get Lois there for the past year. So Lois tried it for a free week and then decided that it was something that made her feel better and she signed up for a year’s membership. On Monday, June 16, 2014, at the young age of 86, Lois completed her 1400th workout.

As Lois began her Curves journey, she found that the workouts gave her more energy and made her feel good about herself. She felt comfortable working out there because the machines are designed for women and she was working out with other women of all ages, sizes and shapes. The only previous gym experience Lois had was taking a swimming class at the Y for those who were “strictly terrified” of water. Lois still is not too fond of being in the water, but she has stuck with her Curves workout for the past 11 ½ years.

Lois found that Curves was a place to meet some very nice women and has made many friends there. She says that her friendships have turned into family. When her husband of 64 years passed away in 2010, and then three months later, she lost her only son, Steve, in a tragic industrial accident, Lois realized how many members cared deeply for her and shared in her grief. “When I wanted to talk, there was always someone to listen, and when I didn’t, they seemed to understand that too. We laugh, we cry and we pray for one another,” said Lois.

At a recent visit to the doctor, Lois was told that she had arthritis in her spine causing her some lower back pain. Her doctor suggested that she begin physical therapy or better yet, just keep up with her Curves routine. Lois was told that if she had not been doing the Curves workouts all these years, she wouldn’t be able to stand up straight.

Lois’s hobbies include quilting, sewing, tending to her flowers, reading and spending time with her family. She also likes to do some bluegill fishing when at the lake. She gets along great when out on small shopping trips or social events. In fact, Lois feels proud of her mobility and often has to help her friends with their walkers.

The secret to Lois’s good health is very simple. Make sure you eat healthy food and always keep moving. She tries to make it to Curves at least 3 times a week. Lois says, “Some days are harder than others to get to Curves, but I always feel better after I’ve gone.”

Lois is now a Silver Sneaker member through her supplemental Medicare insurance plan with Healthways, Inc. so she can work out for free.

Congratulations from all of the members at Waynedale Curves for your amazing accomplishment, Lois.

We’re looking forward to many, many, more workouts with you!

For more information on the Healthways Silver Sneaker membership or our special promotion on the Rest of the Summer Free with a 12 month membership commitment, please contact Waynedale Curves at 478-3500 or stop in at 5909 Bluffton Road to check us out for yourself.

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