I love horses…but not horses asses.

China, who is potentially one our greatest adversaries, is modernizing and increasing the size of their armed forces. At the same time, the Obama regime is cutting our military budget and downsizing our forces, while Russia is using theirs to take over Crimea. Any fool can see that as a result, China is becoming stronger and Russia more aggressive, while we are becoming weaker. Is the Obama administration for real, or are their heads in a very dark place? You decide. Clue: they can’t see very well.

The Boom
The Model T Ford,
Was an instant boon,
And its back seat,
Caused a baby boom.

According to a column in the Journal Gazette, a recent study found that adults who ate a diet high in animal protein during middle age, were nearly twice as likely to die. Now, since it has been verified that I’m going to die, I think I’ll just have another steak or two and go out all beefed up.

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