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Kingston F4F MarathonTen residents of Kingston Residence ranging in age 71 to 96 years proudly completed the Fort 4 Fitness Senior Marathon. The race began on Thursday, June 27th at Parkview Field where the contestants registered and walked their initial 1/3 mile around the field concourse. Over the next 12 weeks, each participant was challenged to walk an average of two miles per week. As the race concluded on Friday, September 27, each participant was to have accumulated a total of 26 miles which equals a full marathon.

Many of these Kingston residents weren’t satisfied to walk only 26 miles. Activity Director Rachel Fox organized group walks around walking paths both inside and outside the community. Each resident’s daily steps were tracked and the majority of the walkers exceeded the necessary 26 miles over the 12-week period. The group walked a total of 410 miles!

Betty King is the most senior participant at 96 years young. Betty walked a total of 68 miles over the course of the marathon. This made her third time in the Senior Challenge. A newcomer to the race, Franke Burke, walked 55 miles over the 12-week period. “I know it improved my health and I enjoyed doing it. Because of it I am walking regularly every day.” 92-year-old Jean Keuneke, also a Kingston race veteran, logged 50 miles. And Margaret Keyser, a first timer stated, “this has been a wonderful event!”

Those who participated from Kingston Residence include Bob Dove, Maxine Ford, Ginny Hambel, Jean Keuneke, Betty King, Marjorie Leath, Joan Franklin, Frank Burke, Margaret Keyser and Carole Overmeyer. Those in bold listing have competed in previous years as well. Each received a medal for their efforts.

Congratulations to all the Kingston residents who accomplished the Fort 4 Fitness Senior Marathon! We are proud of you!

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