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halls drivein WAYNEDALEBlast from the past! This week I decided on a throwback dining location. I chose one of Fort Wayne’s oldest and most unique restaurants. Don Hall’s Original Drive-In was opened in 1946 by Don Hall. Hall had a vision of using his land on Bluffton Road to open a restaurant. However, he made that dream into a reality bigger than he imagined as his restaurants slowly started popping up all over Fort Wayne, each with its own unique identity and theme. Since I was a little kid I can remember frequenting many of the Hall’s Restaurant locations for various family events, dinners, celebrations, and casual dining. The most memorable for me is the location right here in Waynedale on Bluffton Road.

Walking into Don Hall’s this week to grab dinner was just as I remembered. It had been a while since I had stopped in to eat but I felt right at home. Once I found a comfy booth, I was greeted by friendly service and a patient server who allowed me plenty of time to browse the menu and shared the daily specials with me.

Don Hall’s Original Drive-In boasts a broad menu, including breakfast served all day, steaks, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, and of course, daily specials. I chose to indulge in one of the newest items to the menu- Spinach and Artichoke Dip- serve with pita bread. Yummy! My entrée included the lovely Aussie Smothered Sirloin Dinner (covered in mushrooms and onions) for $9.50. This included two sides, and of course the complimentary breadbasket that comes before your meal. As always, I couldn’t walk away without trying a dessert. Hall’s has a number of different pies, but I went a different route and tasted the German chocolate cake with ice cream. Very exceptional!

As I left Don Hall’s fully satisfied with my dining experience, I realized that one of the biggest perks of a place such as this is the laid back atmosphere that allows you to relax while you are dining. Not only is the food delicious and the service friendly, but the environment is cozy and comfortable, So, give yourself a treat and visit Don Hall’s some time soon!

Don Hall’s Original
Drive-In (South)
(260) 747-7509
1502 Bluffton Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46809

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