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THE POWER OF A WOMAN WHO LEADS: Discover Your God-Given Leadership Style
By Gail M. Hayes

Harvest House Publishers, 978-0-7369-4936-1, PB, 224 pages, $12.99

Perhaps you have never thought of yourself as a leader, but author Gail M. Hayes is here with news for you: You are a leader! Or at least you can be. Using a comprehensive Leadership Style Inventory, the author helps women discover their own specific leadership styles. After completing the inventory, readers may explore chapters providing a personality profile, tips, and warnings, as well as examples of great female leaders from the Bible and throughout history for each leadership style.

Hayes uses imaginative stories and metaphors to inspire and encourage her readers who must remember that her creative retellings are not necessarily historically or even theologically accurate. A glance at Scripture makes it apparent that many artistic liberties have been taken in these accounts. In addition, Hayes’ strong egalitarian position in the gender roles debate is evident as she encourages women to be passionate, powerful forces of leadership in their world. Despite a few potential objections, Christian women may find this book helpful as they seek to develop as leaders.

Sara D. Kicinski is a professional writing major at Taylor University and a reviewer for Church Libraries.