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Are hockey fans…puckers?

The Ass
On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on an ass, followed by a procession of his followers, while others laid palms and their cloaks in his path.

In Pat’s church on that day, a re-enactment of Jesus’ triumphant entry was held. As the procession passed Pat’s pew, Sim, her husband, whispered into her ear, “Where’s the ass?”

Whispering back into his ear, Pat said, “Sitting next to me.”

To all you wonderful mothers out there… Schindler Sez…”Happy Mother’s Day!”

Go At It
The University of California psychologists have found that gossip can be therapeutic and make you feel better. So go at it ladies, as if you need any additional encouragement.

The Catcher
Calvin Johnson, an All-Pro receiver, recently signed an eight year contract with the Detroit Lions for $132 million. Darn! When I was a kid, I should of spent more time catching the football. Just think if it wasn’t for should of, could of or would of, I’d be making a lot of dough.

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