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Nena Brown and her award winning entry “Tapestry of Women”Award winning artwork benefits scholarship fund

On Friday, April 26, IPFW and Parkview Health will celebrate the 12th Annual Tapestry: A Day for You event. Tapestry is a special day for women to come together to be inspired, motivated and attend workshops while raising funds for women’s scholarships at IPFW.

This year glo magazine partnered with Tapestry to hold the first Tapestry cover contest.

Glo is a free monthly Fort Wayne lifestyle magazine whose mission is to inspire women of all ages to explore their passions and follow their interests: a perfect fit with the Tapestry mission that they proudly sponsor at the Ruby level.

Based on past experience partnering with other non-profits, the glo folks know cover competitions don’t merely support and promote the causes and events, they also promote the artistic talents of the winning lady artists giving them much needed and appreciated exposure.
Twenty women entered their artwork and the glo staff narrowed the field to five. The Tapestry committee judged and selected Fort Wayne native and University of St. Francis alumna Nena Brown’s work as the one that best exemplifies the joint missions of Tapestry and glo. The artwork graces the April issue cover.

Nena shares her thoughts on her piece entitled “Tapestry of Women”: “I pondered over how to represent a multitude of diverse subjects within the piece. My thoughts led me to capture how education can be obtained through subjects women strive to learn. The artwork consists of a central female face, with vines extending from the hairline. At the end of each vine there is a book, or a blossom that represents a subject learned through obtaining an education. The disciplines represented within the piece are: art, literature, drama, dance, science, math, law, medical, sports, and computers.

On the central face you will find images of women of all ages and cultures including Tapestry keynote speaker Sissy Spacek, to show the diversity of the Tapestry event.

I used a color pallet similar to IPFW’s Tapestry logo throughout the artwork, which helped tie it to the illustrious event. It is a mixed media piece using watercolors, pen. and ink.”

The night before Tapestry Nena will attend the VIP reception at DeBrand’s with her dear friend Joni Lehman where they will meet Sissy Spacek. “Tapestry of Women” will be featured and auctioned the next day to benefit the Tapestry Parkview Endowment and scholarship funds for IPFW students.

I got to know Nena personally when she took my concept for the Born Again Quilts’ “One Step Ahead of the Dog” logo to benefit the ACSPCA and made it come alive.

Nena and her husband Juan moved to Indian Village last October where they enjoy getting the Waynedale News delivered. The classifieds, health related articles and of course Around the Frame are their favorites.

Living nearby they enjoy exploring Waynedale. They find the counter people at the fast food restaurants to be extremely friendly and enjoy shopping and doing business at Krogers, Walgreens, Do-it-Best and the US Post Office. Once the monsoon season is over Nena and Juan plan to visit many more Waynedale businesses.

To learn and view more of Nena’s artwork go to: bit.ly/Z8Bb5R

Lois Eubank is the owner of Born Again Quilts restoration studio and vintage quilt gallery located at 4005 South Wayne Ave. (260) 515-9446

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