He who relies on luck to get ahead, will be done in for when his luck runs out.

No Ties

When my wife, Fry, and I go out to dinner, a party, or for any other auspicious occasion, I very seldom wear a tie. I usually wear an opened neck shirt or a turtleneck with a sport coat. Recently, as we were getting ready to attend a wedding, the wife said, “Aren’t you going to wear a tie?”


“But everyone else will be wearing one,” she insisted.

“You’re probably right,” I replied, “but they’ll be jealous of tie-less Jim.

At the outdoor reception it was uncomfortably hot. When my wife, spotted a group of guys, dressed appropriately for the occasion in their suits and ties, and sweating profusely, she told them about our tie-less conversation and how I said all the guys would be jealous.

They chuckled, and began to unloosen their ties, but still didn’t have the courage to take them off.

One of them then said, “God, I wish I had the guts to do that.”

Moral: Sometimes it pays not to tie one on!

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