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Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather EbbingOH MY EMPTY POCKETS

On laundry day recently, my wife Jane asked me if I was sure I had cleaned out my pockets prior to putting my clothes in the laundry basket.

I assured her that indeed I had.

She said, “Then whatever I find is mine to keep, right?”

I insisted that she wouldn’t find anything, and she then showed me the $20 bill she had found in one of my “empty” pockets.

I had taken her breakfast plate to the sink and gotten her a second (or third?) cup of coffee, so I suggested that my tip for doing this should be about $20.

She informed me that her pay for doing my laundry was also $20 and that I owed her 37 years of back pay, so this particular money would be applied to that debt.

I had no come-back.

Gotta love that woman!


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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Rev. Thomas “Dancing Feather” Ebbing

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