Indonesia is a spicy and beautiful country through its foods and crafts. Kayleen Reusser explores both of those Indonesia elements in “Recipe and Craft Guide to Indonesia.” Kayleen’s daughter, Amanda Reusser (a teacher in Indonesia) is recognized as co-author in the “About the Authors” page.

The book, just released by Mitchell Lane Publishers, is available from most bookstores, the publisher, and other internet retail sites including and Barnes & Noble.

Author Reusser includes several easy but authentic recipes and crafts. Ages 9 through 90 will enjoy this activity-filled read. To demonstrate its user friendliness, a group of youth was asked to test the recipes and crafts. Photos of their activity are included in the pages. This is a family-friendly, home school, and classroom resource book.

Every page is filled with bright color and photos equal to the cover design. Food or craft activity segments also provide Indonesian history, culture, language, facts, and photos of Indonesian people.

One particularly good recipe is Fried Noodles (Mee Goreng) which is traditionally made with Hokkien noodles, red chilies, and shrimp. Variations are offered with egg noodles, chicken, milder peppers or elimination of the chilies. This reviewer plans to cook a Pepper Salad with Sesame Seeds (Timor Achar) next.

Many of the craft supplies are typically found in the home, such as coffee filters for Rafflesia blooms, an oatmeal box for a Bali Gamelan Music Drum, and straws for an “ikat” Indonesian woven scarf.

Author Kayleen Reusser lives in Bluffton, Indiana, and has written several other books for Mitchell Lane Publishers.

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Kayleen Reusser / Reviewed by Alan Daugherty

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