On May 8, 2010, the Elmhurst High School Robotics Team, lead by Coach Dennis Fisher and mentor Phillip Springer, traveled to Southfield, Michigan to compete in the Robofest World Robotics Championship at Lawrence Technical University. The team, consisting of Josh Ehinger, Spencer Gordon, Anthony Howell and Ian Springer, exhibited a recycling robot that sorted bottles and cans. The robot was designed with the focus of creating a cleaner, more economical means to sort recycled materials on a recycling truck. The “Roborecycler” robot has evolved over three competitions. In the qualifying competition, on April 10th at Belleville, Michigan, the team took first place. In the regional, on April 24th at Lawrence Technical University, the team came in second place and advanced to the world competition. Each competition, the team was required to set up a stand and spend the entire day presenting information about their robot. Each member of the team participated in the process and the robot was expected to show improvements in design at each level of the competition. The group was also expected to give a presentation about their robot to a large crowd during each event.

Elmhurst Robotics Team made a fine show at the world competition. Teams from South Korea, Canada, Texas, Ohio, and Michigan competed against Elmhurst in the Senior Exhibition class. The competition included a walking firefighting robot, a maze robot, a Nerf dart firing tracking robot, mechanical hamsters playing tag in balls, and a laundry sorting robot. At the end of the day EHS Robotics Team earned first place, four $2000 renewal scholarships to Lawrence Technical, and a $500 Creativity and Innovation and Development Grant from Tank Army Research and Development Center in Warren, Michigan. The grant is to be used to advance the robot for exhibition at the “Makers Faire” at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan from July 31st to August 1, 2010.

Over the past four years EHS Robotics Team has been active in the Youth-Bot High School Robotics League in Fort Wayne and has competed in various other competitions around Indiana. The EHS Robotics Team would like to express their gratitude for the support of J. B. Tool, Die & Engineering and Upstate Metal Recycling for their sponsorship this past year. Without their support this year’s success would not have been possible.

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