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Come on all you Bishop Luers fans, and all basketball fans, as well! We’ve got a WIN-WIN fundraiser deal that you’re absolutely going to love! As a coach for the Bishop Luers girl’s basketball team, I’d like to ask you for a favor. EAT MORE PIZZA HUT PIZZA!

The Bishop Luers Girls TEAM has decided to sell the always popular PIZZA HUT DISCOUNT CARDS for their fundraiser. The entire cost is ONLY $10, and of that well spent money, the girl’s team gets to keep all $10! Use the card and GET PAID BACK MANY TIMES OVER! Don’t use the card and you’ll still get that warm feeling of helping a bunch of great girls. The team is truly in need of your help and would appreciate your participation. Plus, you’ll get your $10 worth of FREE food in your 1st or 2nd time that you use your card at Pizza Hut. Now that’s truly a WIN-WIN DEAL!

The cards are good at ALL 14 Fort Wayne Pizza Hut restaurants and 29 Pizza Huts in surrounding communities. Here’s how it works:

When you Buy any large pizza, get identical small pizza FREE
When you Buy any large pizza, get an order of breadsticks FREE
When you Buy any large pizza, get 5 wings FREE
When you Buy any large pizza, get 2 liters soft drink FREE
When you Buy any large pizza, get salad bar or salad FREE

BONUS (1 time only) When you buy any large pizza, get a MEDIUM pizza of equal or lesser value FREE (on your 6th time using your card). And you have until May 20, 2010 to use the card.

And here’s the BEST part. You don’t even have to take turns with the 5 FREE options, on each Pizza Hut visit! If your spouse or friend likes the Salad Bar, you can choose the FREE Salad Bar all 5 times! Or, if Wings is your thing, you got it. Free wings, each time, if you so desire!

So if you’d like one of these PIZZA HUT FREE BONUS cards, just make your check out to BISHOP LUERS GIRLS BASKETBALL and send it right away to Coach Tom O’Brien, 5811 Sandra Lee Ave., Fort Wayne, IN 46819. I will be happy to send your new Pizza Hut card(s) right away to the name and address you provide. Hurry! This special Pizza Hut Free Bonus cards are only on sale until Tuesday, January 26, 2010. Please DO NOT take your check into a Pizza Hut restaurant. This fundraiser was set up through the Pizza Hut local headquarters, and is not sold in area Pizza Hut restaurants!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me, Tom O’Brien at 747-2909 cell 494-8100. Thanks for your help.