The Public Safety Foundation of Northeast Indiana is pleased to announce the selection of a Director for the Public Safety Academy of Northeast Indiana. Bernie Beier, in his current capacity as Director of Homeland Security for Fort Wayne and Allen County, will also serve as the Director of the Public Safety Academy of Northeast Indiana.


After conducting an extensive search for a candidate with the strength, integrity, experience and leadership skills that the Public Safety Foundation Board of Directors feels are needed for this position; they decided Bernie Beier demonstrated all of these qualities.

The Board firmly believes that the Academy is a strong asset for the region in terms of public safety and economic development.  They believe Bernie can help them realize the goals of a regional academy that is a model for the state and the nation.

Mayor Tom Henry agreed with the board’s decision and said that Bernie is a leader in Northeast Indiana in the areas of homeland security and public safety.  “Directing the Academy makes good business sense and represents the type of strong, cooperative leadership that will be needed to move this important endeavor forward, not only for our city, but for all of Northeast Indiana.”

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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