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A Washington DC-based free market advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, is sponsoring a rabble-rousing bus tour through Indiana next week to protest health care reform.



“Hands off my Health Care” will stop in eleven Indiana cities, according to a recently posted Facebook events page.

The tour bus features a large red palm print painted on the side of the bus next to the words “Hands off my Health Care”.

Schedule as posted:

Fort Wayne

Monday, August 17

9:00am EST

Old Kay’s Merchandising Building

663 W Coliseum Blvd.


‘Public Option’ Is a Back Door to a Total Washington Takeover

Instead of putting everyone outright into a Washington-run plan like the Canadian or British governments have, most advocates of government-run health care claim to favor the creation of a so-called “public option,” a government health insurance plan.

The “public option” would underpay doctors and hospitals like it already does with Medicare and Medicaid. We will have to pay to keep doctors in business if the government’s not paying the real cost of care.

Because of the artificially low price, many employers would put their employees on the public plan – eventually making that “option” our only “option” for health care. But while it would appear cheap up front, the real cost of government care would hit taxpayers squarely in their wallets.

Under the system the Left envisions, the young and healthy pay the same as older and sicker Americans. Under a one-size-fits-all plan, it would not matter what you can afford or what your individual health needs are.

Over time, with access to unlimited taxpayer bailout dollars, the “public option” would become the only option—and the Washington takeover of health care will be complete.


You Are a Cost, and Washington Could Decide If Your Life Is Worth Saving

Democrats in Congress have an ambitious agenda, and they haven’t figured out how to pay for it yet. One way the government could “control costs” for health care is by deciding that only certain treatments could be available and only certain patients could get treatment. This is how they do it in Great Britain. Their nationalized health care system withholds new cancer drugs from patients if it decides the drugs cost too much.

We already have a government council that is charged with comparing medical treatments. It’s critical that our government doesn’t get into the business of denying treatments based on cost. We can’t have Washington bureaucrats telling us our grandparents are too old or too sick to receive the life-saving care they need.

We can’t have cost-cutting that comes at the expense of American lives.

The stimulus bill that became law earlier in 2009 created the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, funded comparative effectiveness research with more than $1 billion, and already gave the government complete access to our most private health information without our permission, with a database mandated by 2014.


You Could Be Forced to Buy the Insurance the Government Mandates

Most of the so-called reform plans being considered will require every American to buy a health insurance plan approved by the government or pay a penalty fee. Politicians will use the government’s power to impose penalties to force people to buy the plans that suit their interests, not yours.


Small Businesses Will Be Hit Hard

Most of the so-called reform plans would force even small businesses to pay for health insurance for employees—with politicians deciding which plans qualify. Failing to do so will result in penalties and fines—which will kill jobs and put some companies who can’t afford to pay out of business.


More Taxes for Everyone

Washington politicians who want to take over health care have yet to explain how they are going to pay for the trillions of dollars that “free” health care will cost taxpayers. Every option being considered is bad news for hard-working Americans, and would punish those with low incomes: 1. A Value Added Tax (VAT), a form of national sales tax, of 10% – 25%.

2. Taxing existing health care benefits for employees and their families—despite President Obama’s campaign promise not to tax health benefits.

3. New excise taxes on “sugary soft drinks,” alcohol, energy, and other politically incorrect products and services.

4. Taxing the 8 million Americans who currently have Health Savings Accounts – money they have worked hard to save for their health care.


About Patients First:

Americans value their freedoms. In the current health care battle, those freedoms are under attack. If politicians and Washington bureaucrats get their way – a government takeover of your health care – then we will lose the freedom to choose our doctors, what type of care we want and the insurance plans we choose. Nothing is more important than your family’s health. That is why we started the Patients First project. We believe you are most qualified to make the health care decisions that affect you and your family. We believe when you or a family member is sick, you should be able to get care quickly – not months or years later. And we believe your medical privacy is paramount. Don’t let Washington bureaucrats come between you and your doctor. Join us today to protect the right to choose your doctor, your care and to protect your privacy. Tell Washington to keep their “Hands Off My Healthcare!”

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