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It was almost warm, the grass almost green enough, and the air almost fresh enough; just the time to go shopping for the perfect 5th grade graduation dress.

“I love this one!” Oh, no! This is the one. What was I thinking? This has pink lace,” said Mandy.

This would be hard.

Right until she turned the corner, of course, and she saw the perfect one! But it was $50.00, and her mother did not get paid for another three days. So, she found her size, tried it on, and hid the dress in behind the boys pajamas, where the dress was totally unnoticeable.

Every night she went to bed early, and woke up late, she was so eager to buy this dress!

So finally, the day came…they walked up the steps, down two corners, walked ten feet and froze.


The dress had not been behind the boy’s pajamas. In fact, it was in a girl’s hand. She was with her mother in the checkout isle. What would she do? Mandy knew there was only one size 12, and this would cause a problem. She would not dare to stop the mother and daughter. First because it would be mean, and second, it would be no help.

“I’m so sorry, Mandy. We can find another.”

But they searched for three days and did they find another?

“No…” said Mandy.

And she sighed, “I guess I’ll just skip graduation.”

“No, just because all the dresses are sold out doesn’t mean there are no dresses left…” Mandy’s mother smiled a weird smile. So they walked in Mandy’s mother’s room, and they opened up the closet.

“I’ve had it since I was your age,” said her mother.

And of course now Mandy was happy that the dress at the store was gone.

Because this one was ten times better.

And graduation was great, with the perfect dress.

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt

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