It’s great to be driving through Fort Wayne these days without the fear of getting a nuisance ticket. In January of this year a new policy took effect. The City began charging police officers, with take-home police cars, a $50 fee to offset the fuel cost of those cars.

It appears that from the drop in ticket revenue that the Fort Wayne police disagreed with the new policy and in protest either stopped or drastically reduced the amount of tickets they had been writing.

This drop in ticket writing appears to be a win-win situation for the public good. After all, the public does not enjoy getting or paying tickets and the police do not enjoy pulling people over and giving them tickets.

If the public doesn’t like it and the police do not like it, then why in the world have we been putting up with it for so long?

Of course, the answer is revenue. The city administration has stated that, “Public safety has not been compromised.” And that is the truth. The reason it has not been compromised is that writing tickets does not promote safety, it is done to promote public revenue for the city!

If they really want to improve safety they should reduce ticket writing to either personal or property endangerment. If you are not endangering anyones health or their property then you shouldn’t get a ticket.

In the meantime, enjoy motoring through Fort Wayne without fear of the ticket tax. It may not last for long.

The Waynedale News Staff
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