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Mrs. Pemberly Farnsworth’s story: Our parents sat in stunned silence trying to sort out the good news from the shock of our marrying so young and, moving all the way to California. Phil (Philo T. Farnsworth) said to my father, “I know this will be hard on you Mr. Gardner, but if you could find work in Provo, you could get along couldn’t you?


“You bet I can, Phil.” I learned to cook in my freighting days. I wouldn’t stand in your way. This is your big chance, and I know what it means to both of you. The little girls can help me keep house.” A sense of ecstasy enveloped me. Could this really be happening? I was very proud of my big, slightly rough-around-the-edges, compassionate dad. I should have known he would find a way to help us; he always had.

“Thank you, Mr. Gardner; I knew I could count on you,” Phil said with a grateful smile, and the eye communication that passed between my sweetheart and my father spoke volumes.

My heart sang a blissful rhapsody, and I jumped up to give Daddy a big hug and kiss.

Phil now turned to his mother. “Mother, you’ve told me of your objections, and I think I know how you feel. I, too, would have more confidence if I had more college training, but most of what I have learned about electronics had to come by correspondence, and I can continue to do that. Los Angeles has one of the best libraries in the country, and I intend to make good use of it. As for our youth, I’ve earned my own way for the past eight years, and I’m perfectly capable of taking care of Pem. As far as that goes Pem is a vital part of this television venture, and I wouldn’t think of going without her. I know how hard it has been for you since Papa died, and I’ve not forgotten the charge he gave me to take care of you and the family. I’ll somewhat be able to help you from the beginning, and hopefully within a year or two can make you financially independent. I will also be able to help Pem’s family. What do you say?”

“I’m sure if your father were here, he would say, ‘Go, with my blessings,’ and that’s what I say,” was his mother’s answer. “But I’m very concerned that you’ve become increasingly inactive in the church since your father died. You’ll be subject to many temptations in the big city, but remember, your father in heaven will be a strength and guidance to you if you’ll stay close to Him.

“Please don’t worry about us, Mother,” Phil assured her; “everything will work out just fine.”

Phil still harbored resentments that his father had been snatched from him at a critical time. He had hoped to soon be able to relieve his parents of their heavy burden of earning a living. Without his father, attending church was not the same.

Then Phil changed the subject. “Mother, Pem and I would like to be married at home. Could you arrange for our bishop to perform the ceremony Thursday morning at ten? I have to return to Salt Lake City tonight to help draw up a partnership agreement.”

As it turned out, he had to wait until the morning train, because there was the little matter of the marriage license. Phil was only nineteen, so his mother was obliged to sign with him. I kidded him about that; because the age of consent for girls was eighteen, I could sign for myself. The bishop was to be out of town on Thursday, but Phil’s mother knew stake president J. William Knight, who said he would be glad to officiate.

Phil’s mother took me to choose a wedding dress. That was my first experience in a dress shop; my Mother had taught us to sew our own dresses. Since I owned so few clothes, my wedding dress would have to serve many purposes. We chose a peach colored, street-length crepe, with accordion-pleated skirt and yoke. It suited me well, and I was very happy with it. A few necessary under things and a cute negligee that Phil’s mother insisted I should have completed my trousseau. To be continued.

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