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“From now on, that’s not how it should be! I’m tired of you doing mean things to the same two kids! From now on you ride the car to school!” called Leslie, Prince’s mother.

Prince had gotten in trouble with his friend named Jasper. They were telling two kids a joke, and when they didn’t know the answer, Prince called them dumb.

“Mom, all I did was tell a guy he was dumb. But it wasn’t serious, it was a joke. Don’t you understand?

I said, “How do you make a turkey from scratch? And, he didn’t know!”

Leslie rolled her eyes and said, “Honey, that’s not the only thing! What about the llama joke? Is it okay to spit on two little kids?”

Everyone crowded around the table and sat down. Let’s just say Prince had a father, who let’s just say… favored him last out of all seven children. First the youngest girl, Sandy, then Albert, then Tyler, then Ragin, Lilly, Josephine and last, Prince. Prince was yelling and acting up, and everyone around the table laughed at him.

The next day Momma drove him to school, and the teacher and bus driver yelled at him. He even got a referral! He got in trouble at lunch for playing with food, and in PE he hit a girl with the volleyball. His friends began to think negatively towards him, and he had to sit out at recess. So he got home, and Momma and Prince had a long talk. And that night, Prince prayed. And the next day at school, he didn’t spike the volleyball, and he didn’t play with his food, and he didn’t get any referrals! And his friends liked him again. And the next day, he rode the bus to school.

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