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Fortney Enterprise may not be known nationally. But to those who have exereinced their plays have never forgotten them. Monte and Rae Ann Fortney are celerbratiing their 10th anniversary of writing, directing and producing their own comedy farces. It’s the passion of writing, performing, and hearing laughter of the audience that keeps them determined to continue in their challenge of doing theatre. This Spring they will put on their 2nd Dinner Theatre Production, “Welcome to Dinky Dot Hotel and Resort!” at Waynedale United Methodist Church on April 17, 18, 24, and 25. The night will be a blend of Italian cuisine to tantalize your taste buds and then whisk you away to the splendid, unique town of Dinky Dot. Where the wacky staff and the animated hotel guest will entertain you on stage for a full-length play. For more information or your dinner reservations, please call 456-9704.

It as been years of trials, fun and interesting experiences for Fortney enterprises. They now have ten comedy plays, four radio plays that have aired in Chicago as well as New York and written several short skits for church and charitable organizations. Monte states, ”These plays are not just clean family fun, but these performances have given and will continue to give inexperienced and veterans a chance to use their talents, whether props or technical aspects of backstage or on the theatre stage. This husband wife team will continue to work together to bring back the simple old reliable comedy, which all family members can enjoy, to their productions.

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