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One day, old Vance N. Betty walked past a church. People were holding up signs, which read, “Help Saint Mary’s Church. Help… help… donate money… Saint Mary’s Church…” So, Vance N. Betty thought to himself, I am Catholic… maybe I could donate some money.

So, Vance N. Betty walked up to the church to see what was going on. He asked the tall man in a white gown. The man told him the church had to come up with three million dollars for the church to pay for the land it was on, or it would be sold to someone else.

Old Vance N. Betty said, “Well, why are you asking for donations if the church is to be bought?”

The man informed him the owners told everyone if we, the people of the church, can raise this much money in eight months, it’s not to be sold.
Vance N. Betty nodded understandingly.

Vance N. Betty knew he could help, so he went to the front where there was a black foldup table. A woman was behind it in a chair holding a trunk. “I accept donations,” she said.

Vance N. Betty nodded and said, “I will have more tomorrow.”

Then he handed the woman one hundred dollars.

The woman was so very grateful.

She smiled with pleasure, and thanked him.

When Vance N. Betty watched the woman put the money in the trunk, he noticed it didn’t have a lot of money in it. When Vance N. Betty got home, he got on the computer and designed flyers for the church. He started to put them up all around. He collected the money in his driveway every day. He started going door to door, and he donated a lot of his own money as well.

The people at the church needed it. Their religion was strong, and the issue was discussed in the church. It meant everything to them. Vance N. Betty was not going to let these people down.

After eight months of collecting, one million dollars was collected. The people of the church were very happy. They had worked so hard to raise this money, but they felt bad because they no longer could have their church. Time was up, and they had sacrificed a lot, but they did not raise three million dollars. After the Church was sold, with all of the money collected, they found a big old church to buy that had been up for sale.

To this day everyone still thanks old Vance N. Betty. They worship in their new church everyday. It would never be better than their old church, or bigger, but it would be just fine. Vance N. Betty was a hero anyway.

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt

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