It would be easy to become depressed in this current economic climate. It seems every headline, news story and blog centers on the latest round of layoffs, falling stock prices with skyrocketing food prices. Budgets tighten, sacrifices must be made and the future may seem bleak.

Unless you are fortunate enough to get a call like the one a couple of area residents received in the past few months. The first beneficiary, Kurt A. Kurt, who is a long time employee in Waynedale, was initially introduced to the idea by one of his co-workers.

The contact was Brent Minnick of Indiana Benefits Recovery (IBR) a Fort Wayne based company specializing in recovery of surplus funds. Within a day, Kurt had contacted IBR about the funds due to him. The two agreed to meet at Rothberg Logan & Warsco LLP offices in downtown Fort Wayne. After the initial agreement was signed, the source of funds was disclosed and Kurt learned he was due back over $1700 from a past financial transaction that occurred four years ago. Less than two weeks after they first met, Kurt was contacted with the good news: the claim was successful and he had a check waiting for him!

Kurt said that he had been contacted in the past from a few companies, one as far away as Florida, regarding unclaimed funds. He nearly decided to pursue the claim with a company based in Ohio, but at the last moment chose not to, unable to find any substantial information available on the company itself. This time was different, starting with the warm introduction from his co-worker, coupled with the office visit with IBR. “This just felt better all the way around, from my co-worker telling me about it to the professional environment and professional service level by Brent Minnick.”

Emma Ulle had a similar experience, with even more personal interaction to relieve her concerns. She was impressed from beginning to end of her experience with IBR. It began in early fall of 2007, when Brent Minnick paid her a visit in person to her home. He informed her of her claim and assured her by encouraging her to call the company’s attorney to verify the claim. She loved the fact that both the company and the attorneys were local and she could look everyone up in the Yellow Pages. Ulle said several other companies had contacted her, all from out of state, and she chose not to deal with them because trust was an issue. She liked that Minnick informed her of delays and worked hard to keep her current during the process. He was also helpful with her handicap, even meeting her at her nearby credit union to sign papers. Previously she had accepted the fate that she would not recover this money until Minnick came along. It was only then that she had enough trust and reassurance to go through the process of recovering her money with him. Her feelings paid off last week with a final claim recovery of over $4000.


Brent Minnick, founder of Indiana Benefits Recovery, is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Northeast Indiana. The company is registered with the Indiana Secretary of State and has four employees. “There are various sources of unclaimed funds in Indiana, including bankruptcies, inheritances, insurance settlements as well as personal and real property tax surplus, currently totaling $326 million. The claiming process can be confusing and overwhelming, but with the company’s databases, statewide contacts and experience, successful claims can be made efficiently and with limited hurdles. Our clients have been responsive and very pleased with the results,” says Brent Minnick. It’s definitely a welcome call for those who receive it.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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