Last winter when the American Bible Society (ABS) decided to create a new Bible targeted at the teen market, its first choice for its “Dream Team” of writers was Taylor University’s Dr. Dennis E. Hensley. One year later, on November 24, the Bible: “The Cure,” was released globally. It features 52 devotions and scripture study guides written by Dr. Hensley and two other writers he hired to work with him on this job.

“Remedy FM radio has caught on like wildfire, and many teens who have tuned in for the music have also been exposed to elements of the gospel message,” said Hensley. “This new Bible, The Cure, is translated into language these teens can relate to, and it’s supplemented with devotions and study guides that will assist new believers in discovering what the Bible has to offer them.”

Char Binkley, program director at WBCL radio and a board member of ABS, said, “We were thrilled when Dr. Hensley agreed to put together a coalition of writers to prepare the supplemental materials for the Bible. His name adds credibility to the project. Additionally, he has written hundreds of devotions for magazines, as well as five devotional books, so we knew he would know how to write for young readers.”

The collection of devotions, prayers, study materials, and application guides had to be written in just five weeks during November and December of 2007. These materials are now printed as part of the actual Bible. Hensley hired one of his former students, Maura Oprisko of University Heights, Ohio, and Jim Watkins, author of seven books related to Christian teens, to help write the materials. Hensley wrote 25 of the sections and also served as overall editor of the content, format, and style of all 52 sections. “We were up against a vicious deadline, but so were the cover designers, layout and print specialists, and the translators,” recalls Hensley. “Somehow, we all made it, and it wound up being first class material. I was honored to be part of such an important undertaking.”

Dr. Hensley is director of Taylor University’s professional writing major, having been with the university for 12 years in Fort Wayne and now moving his department to Upland in the fall of 2009. He is the author of 51 books and more than 3,000 freelance articles, as well as movie scripts, recorded songs, and stage dramas.

“Our goal is to get 100,000 copies of the Bible into the hands of teens and young adults within the next two years,” said a spokesman for the New York based American Bible Society. “We feel we assembled a dream team of translators, designers, and professional writers in creating this cutting edge version of Scripture. It’s really an amazing new tool in the quest for spreading the gospel.”

The Waynedale News Staff

Hensley Part of “Dream Team” of Writers

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