Wired for Sound


During the fifth game of the World Series, plate umpire Jeff Kellogg was wired for sound so the crowd could hear what he was saying during the game. This has been done on umpires before, but only on a very small scale.

Just about every broadcast interviews the manager, pitching coach, or hitting coach during a game. They usually do not tell us anything that we haven’t already seen on the screen nor do they state anything of substance that the opposing team could use.

I started wondering who was the first Major League umpire that was ever wired for sound. I found that answer in Sporting News Baseball Trivia 2.

According to the article, Cy Rigler was wired for sound during a game at the Polo Grounds on August 29, 1929. The book states, that “wires from a microphone were inserted into Rigler’s mask and strung down inside his uniform and then connected to metal plates on his shoes. Rigler stood on a metal sheet and his voice could be heard via stadium amplifiers.”


Thank goodness for modern technology!

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