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Hola! And greetings from Spain! Something that is characteristic of Spain (Madrid more specifically) that I have become very fond of is the Rastro, in Spanish this literally means the trail, this is because when they used to do the bull fights every Sunday, they would drag the bull down the street through the city on the same route, and it would leave a trail of blood. Now, people got smart with their marketing, and all sorts of vendors decided to set up shop along this trail, since most people after watching in the bull fight would follow the trail through town in a procession. So vendors saw this as the perfect opportunity to sell their goods. Nowadays, I am not so sure about the bull. But every Sunday there is still a huge market of vendors that sell everything from shoes to jewelry to clothes to batteries to hand crafted leather, for crazy cheap! (great for a college budget!) For example, last time I went to Rastro, a Sunday or two ago, I got a pair of 3 euro black flats that are cute and comfortable! Can you believe that?! 3 euro! And I have been getting compliments on them ever since!

Continuing on with my culture enrichment, I have started to take salsa classes at a place right near the apartment on Sunday nights. It is very fun, although I make a fool of myself most of the time…The class is not very hard and it is something open to the community so there is usually a good guy to girl ratio so always someone to dance with, and a lot of Spanish people! So a great place to practice my Spanish!

But after the class, there is lots of dancing, Bachata, Salsa, Meringue. I get asked to dance salsa a few times if I stay after the class but I end up leaving after a couple dances because there is only so much humiliation I can take but at least I get out there and try, and the only way to get better is to practice.

Also, if you ever come to Spain, one way to make an outfit look Spanish is scarves! (Ok never realized how weird that word looked typed until now) Anyways, in my effort to look Spanish, I need to build up my scarf collection quick! Easy and cheap way to do this? Rastro! every time I go to Rastro, I will buy a new scarf, so far I only have 2 however, they are beautiful scarfs and one only cost me 1 euro and the other 2 because they are longer.


Best Wishes,


Alyssa Fleming

The Waynedale News Staff
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Alyssa Fleming

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