Hi! My name is Sandi, Chris and I purchased the Red Rooster late this summer. As we started painting and remodeling we started meeting our neighbors. What a warm welcome! The Waynedale news was quick to greet us! Next, they came for pictures and an article…I asked if we could write a different version. Most of the area knows we have sliders and tenderloins, chili and Italian sausage. What you may not know is how we got this venture together and all of the wonderful people who helped us! That is the good stuff and Chris and I want to say thank you!

Marty at the Hideaway fed us and listened to us plan and re-plan and moan about sore backs and no sleep! She was also kind enough to introduce us to her vendors and her friends!  There is no way to thank her for her patience with us!

JW Signs came to our rescue next! A family run business with a budget from Chris the magistrate was a challenge! I got quotes from JW and others. We could not afford a new sign, but JW made it happen. We think nice things about them everyday when we turn it on at 5:30 in the morning for breakfast! They were more than kind!

Ben Martin was next on the scene. “Don’t make regular tenderloins.” This man who works full time for Baldus gave us an entire Saturday and our tenderloins went from ordinary to tremendous-in size and flavor! He stayed with us and showed us how to make his gravy and gave us the courage to tackle the half pound sandwiches. Great friends are so hard to find and we are so lucky!

Pastor Pierce and his wife were a couple of our first customers. They have introduced us to their church and allowed us to help with their carnival. We felt like we belonged to the community with his help! St. Therese has allowed us to offer a modest donation to their school based on our sales before and after mass on Saturdays as well as help with a food drive for them in the month of November. Bring in a can of food and get a free Pepsi product. Our friends at the Avalon Missionary church have been more than gracious to us also!  Their food bank drive was in October and what a wonderful group of people we were able to meet! Our sincere thanks to everyone!

Our new sandwich is from Mr. David Egts and it is his Italian sausage recipe! He just gave it to us! We are the only place in town that has it! Mr. Egts is a Mortgage Service Manager for Star Financial Bank, and is also a football coach at Bishop Luers. We would like to offer our gratitude to him and the friends he refers!

Mr. Allison keeps me headed in the right direction and is a friend to all small business.

Please ask me for his number if you need anything from him! He is just wonderful and I am positive we would not be here in such good shape without his guidance!

Finally, to our customers…Thank you! Thank you for dealing with limited parking, waiting in line for a table, and being so friendly. We are and will continue to improve everyday! Please rest assured the little Red Rooster on the corner of Lower Huntington and Elzey will be here for a long time to come! Your patronage is appreciated!


Respectfully, Chris Franz and Sandi Spitzer

The Waynedale News Staff
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Sandi Spitzer

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