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Elmhurst High School proudly presents the fall play, The Diviners, live on stage on Friday, November 21, and Saturday, November 22 at 7:30 PM. The script is by Jim Leonard who grew up here in New Haven and has current employment working with NBC and Fox in Los Angeles, California. His brother, Jay Leonard, owns Preferred Auto here in Fort Wayne.

Play Synopsis: Funny and poignant, The Diviners is a contemporary American fable set in the mythical southern Indiana town of Zion during the thirties. The heart of the play is the unexpected friendship that evolves between a former preacher, C.C. Showers, and a “touched” teenager, Buddy Layman. Showers arrives in the small community of Zion and meets Buddy, a young man with a special gift for divining water and predicting rain. While the small community looks to Buddy to use his gift to save their crops, they look to Showers to save their spirits. As Buddy and Showers fight for their right to choose their own paths, fate takes a tragic turn.

The Diviners Cast: Buddy Leyman, Kurtis Plohr; Jennie Mae Leyman, Sarah Smith; Ferris Leyman, Kenny Zuber; C.C. Showers, Aaron Mann; Norma Henshaw, Erica Crebb; Darlene Henshaw, Alex Holguin; Goldie Short, Rayna Junk; Basil Bennett, Jayson Barrand; Luella Bennett, Liz Jones; Melvin Wilder, Anthony Howell; Dewey Maples, Lucas Bowling.

Tickets are available at the door, adults $7.00 and students $5.00. Director is Rosy Ridenour, technical director is Don Goss and Nathan Krueckeberg is stage manager. Expect to see Indiana hometown flavor by a local writer as Buddy conquers his fear of water and the ladies fall for the preacher, C. C. Showers.

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