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Shantel Lahr, age 17 is a senior in high school, and a resident in Waynedale. She has been dancing for 13 years at Dance Ltd. in Waynedale where she takes classes in all forms of dance. Shantel has also been an Assistant Teacher at Dance Ltd. for 2 years under instructor/owner Sandy Bearman.

On Tuesday, July 22, 2008 she entered into the Youth Talent Contest at The Allen County Fair where she performed a Hiphop routine to “Imma Shine” choreographed by Ashley High. She also performed a Clogging routine to “Shawty Get Loose the remix” which she choreographed herself. Shantel received 1st place for the routines in the Dance Solo & Clogging Solo categories, receiving High Scores for both performances.

Shantel will be representing the State of Indiana at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, IN on Friday, August 8, 2008 with her Hiphop routine.


Good Luck!

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