With volumes typically hovering near capacity, Lutheran Children’s Hospital is set to expand its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to enhance the delivery of Developmental Care for premature infants.

Construction is scheduled to begin Monday on a NICU expansion that includes the addition of 14 private rooms, a dedicated family waiting area and dedicated treatment space. All work will take place adjacent to the current unit allowing for no interruption of service. A hallway outside of the unit and office space will be transformed to allow for the growth.

Added privacy and more control over environmental factors such as noise and ambient lighting are key elements of the Developmental Care model which was introduced to Fort Wayne by the neonatologists who care for premature infants throughout the Lutheran Health Network. Increased privacy also presents greater opportunities for parents to bond with their fragile newborn during this important time.

The $2.2 million project is expected to be finished in November.

Lutheran Children’s Hospital opened in 1999 as a result of several local pediatricians who envisioned bringing families throughout northeast Indiana access to expert pediatric medical care that wouldn’t require a half-day’s drive to receive. Today, Lutheran Children’s Hospital teams with more than 75 pediatricians practicing in 27 areas of pediatric specialty in an environment filled with imagination and color. The award-winning design of the tree house elevator, specially decorated rooms, hallways and waiting areas invite children and their families to focus on something other than the often unpleasant purpose of their visit. Lutheran Children’s Hospital believes children are special people, not just small adults.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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