The Fort Wayne newspapers have had many articles about the possibility of the very fine Lincoln Museum closing its doors. Poor attendance is part of the reason.

The Ohio Historical Museum at Columbus has layed off half of its employees. With 1500 WWII veterans dying each day the Auburn WWII Museum has found there is not the interest of several years ago.

One of the best museums the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame Museum’s President Dale Petoskey has resigned according to Baseball America Publication. In 2006 the museum lost $1.93 million on revenues of $11.35 million. The museum attendance was 410,000 in 1989 and 33,000 in 1999. 2007 attendance was 352,000.

The younger element of our country does not have much interest in American History. When the History Center conducted this excellent tour about the canal all in attendance were seniors.

I do not think high school teachers stimulate interest in American History. Mine did. Also, our college professors do a good job of trashing our country.

Robert Louis Stevenson was quoted, “Always look for the best in people”. This is a good approach in studying American History. Unless the younger element does not get interested in our country many museums will close. I hope I am wrong on this point.

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