Lutheran Health Network is asking the community to acknowledge outstanding nurses by nominating them for a Patient Choice Award. The Patient Choice Award will recognize the quality care, comfort and compassion offered by the nurses of the Lutheran Health Network, which includes Dupont, Lutheran, St. Joseph and the Rehab Hospital of Fort Wayne. Winners of the Patient Choice Award will be announced during Nurses’ Week, which begins May 5.

“It’s difficult to single out one nurse per facility when there are so many nurses in our hospitals doing such an incredible job caring for our patients,” says Mike Schatzlein, chief executive officer, Lutheran Health Network. “That’s why we are asking patients to help us make the choices. They see the little things that make a difference on a very personal level.”

Family members of a patient, or anyone who has come to any of Lutheran Health Network hospitals for inpatient, outpatient or emergency care in the last year is asked to consider nominating a nurse who has “gone the extra mile.” Nominations for the 2008 Patient Choice Award will be accepted until April 30. To nominate a nurse, send the nurse’s name and a few paragraphs explaining the reason for the nomination, along with the name of the person submitting the nomination, address and phone number and name of the patient, if different from the nominator.

Forward nominations by fax to (260) 435-6903 or by mail to: Lutheran Health Network, Community Relations, 7836 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46807.

Each winning nurse will receive a cash bonus and an award. All nominees will be invited to attend a special luncheon with the administrative team. The patient and or family member who nominated the winner will be invited to the luncheon as well. Luncheon date and time will vary by hospital.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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