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This spring season’s slacker-inspiration film is Run Fatboy Run, a cute British romantic comedy centering around an overweight, middle-aged security guard who spends every day of his life trying to get the woman he loves to realize that they were meant to be together. The situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that this romantically-challenged man, Dennis, left this woman at the altar five years prior, while she was pregnant with his child. Matters become even more complicated for Dennis when he discovers that his beloved Libby is involved with a well-off, in-shape American man who is determined to beat Dennis in every possible area of life: lover, father, and athlete.

Dennis is determined to win back Libby’s heart from this man and decides that the way to accomplish that is to beat Whit in something that the American does best, running a marathon. Convinced that if he can somehow get past the fact that he has at least 30 pounds of beer-belly hanging over his belt and that he’s never run a consecutive mile in his life, Dennis thinks Libby will somehow realize that if he actually has the capability to complete something in his life, like this marathon, maybe then she can love him again.

Directed by “Friends” actor David Schwimmer, Run Fatboy Run brings a refreshingly basic, yet entertaining, love story that takes enough time to allow viewers to become involved with the characters but doesn’t waste its time bringing the story to the table. The film was well written by comedian Michael Ian Black and Simon Pegg, who is the actor that plays Dennis. Fatboy is a slightly different film than Pegg’s recent comedic horror and action movies, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but this newest movie does an equally great job at finding a way to grasp both male and female audiences with awkward relationship encounters that everyone goes through and laugh-out-loud moments during Dennis’s training.

This is one of the best cast movies so far this year, with every actor and actress fitting his or her role perfectly. Pegg does such a great job portraying Dennis that it is impossible to not sympathize with his plight, and the role of his best friend Gordon is brilliantly filled by Irish comedian Dylan Moran, who covers slightly slow moments in the movie with his hilarious and sometimes inappropriate comments.

Run Fatboy Run has a great moral behind it that is achieved through a couple of hours of entertainment: the little guy always has a shot at coming out on top, even if he is a bit fat and incompetent with the ladies.

The Waynedale News Staff

Haley Zimmerman

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