A girl named Lucy started to get scared in her house. It always seemed like something was watching her. She was only 2 years old, but still something was frightening. It could have been that in her mother’s room strange smells would come in for hours and leave the room, or it could have been the dreams she had when she slept in her mom’s room closest to the master bathroom. She always had strange feelings and never felt safe in that room. Her mom and father always got suspicious because of the rotten smell that would come in their room and leave in a few hours. They checked everywhere but there was nothing rotten.

One day her parents looked up records to find who lived in the house before them. They found out that a while back a preacher had died that lived in their house. They did not know if he had died in that room, but all of their family thought so. Lucy, the little girl, always slept in her mom’s room with her because she wanted to be with her mom. You would not believe the dreams she had in that room when she slept by that bathroom. She always dreamed that a tall slimy pink thing picked her up and took her into the bathroom but instead of a toilet and a bathtub there was carpet and long stalls. He always took her into one of the stalls and if she wouldn’t say, “please,” instead of taking her back to the bed, he would drop her in with the alligators on the floor. There was one time when she refused to say, “please.” He almost dropped her, but she quickly said, “No! No! Please?” So, he took her back. Every night it happened again and again.

She continuously told her parents that the Bumbus were going to get her, but she was so young she could not tell or describe what the Bumbus were. She just started to hold on to the back of her mother’s t-shirt so they could not take her. It often worked, but not all of the time!

As she grew older she now could explain what the Bumbus were. She described them. She explained the only place she had those dreams was right in her mom’s room by the bathroom.

When Lucy was about three years old she was moving to a much larger house in Blue Ridge Manor. She slept in her own bedroom the first night she moved there. There were no Bumbus but, that doesn’t mean the next little girl to live in that house won’t have the same nightmares!

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt, a nine year-old writer

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