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Employees from General Electric on Broadway, sponsors of Safety Village, were out working on the renovation of the buildings and houses at the Safety Village on Wednesday, August 29, 2007.

The Safety Village and Survive Alive House teaches our children about safety in a way that they can understand. This 4-acre complex is the largest of its kind in this country.

The picturesque village was built in 1991 and consists of 30 or more miniature buildings and a downtown area incorporating 16 structures. This village is fascinating to young and old is located at 1270 South Phoenix Parkway on the city’s southeast side directly behind Southtown Centre.

The facility has pedestrian, police and fire safety in their program. The Survive Alive House uses state-of-the-art special affects programs at the village. Children are able to learn a lot about safety while also having lots of fun in their own village. The program instructs nearly 10,000 students a year in Northeast Indiana ranging from kindergarten to adult.

All of the buildings at Safety Village are donated by local businesses to design their own structures. After a tragic house fire claimed the lives of children in 1979 the local Parent Teachers Association decided to build the Safety Village, and their goal today is to Save Lives Before The Fire.

Tours can be scheduled by contacting Fort Wayne Fire Department Safety Education Division at 427-1278.

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