The Bourne Ultimatum is a refreshingly enjoyable action packed thrill ride that will keep you on your toes wondering just what is going to happen to Jason Bourne next.

The plot is extended from the previous films, in which Jason Bourne has lost his memory but gradually gains enough knowledge to put together that he was a black-ops agent specializing in assassinations for the U.S. government. Bourne presented a threat to the people he worked for because he could potentially release information to the public on secret government affairs and they set out to finish him off before he could do any damage. After hiding out in a few countries and witnessing the murder of his girlfriend, Bourne decides he will no longer run away from his past. He wants to confront it head on. This is where the third film starts off, with Bourne recollecting a few tidbits of the training that made him into a killing machine and deciding to get some answers about how he became a killing machine.

Matt Damon brilliantly portrays Jason Bourne and is probably the only actor who could fully pull this character off. Bourne is one of the most believable action heroes to date. Well, besides the whole thing where he’s a super-secret black-ops agent masterfully trained in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry, and being able to get out of pretty much any sticky situation that presents itself. One of the most interesting parts of this movie is watching Bourne fend off attackers with simple household items, like a bathroom rag or a newspaper.

Government official Pamela Landy, portrayed by actress Joan Allen, was actually a somewhat loveable character here. While in the second film she was, generally speaking, “the bad guy,” trying to catch Bourne and bring him in to government hands, she completely turns the table in this movie. Pam really tries to help Bourne survive and do what he needed to do to figure out his past.

Out of the three films, this was probably my favorite. The first film, The Bourne Identity, was excellent, very well done and had an excellent story but this just…felt better. The cinematography was more adventurous than the first film yet the camera work wasn’t constantly shaky like the amateur feeling you get while watching Supremacy. Don’t get me wrong, they still use those shaky cameras like there’s no tomorrow, but there are plenty of relatively still scenes.

I can honestly say I came out of the theater thoroughly impressed with this movie. Unlike some of the other summer three-quels this year, it wouldn’t be a terrible thing if they added another installment to this series.


3.5 stars.

The Waynedale News Staff

Haley Zimmerman

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