As we enter August, normally our hot dry month, I hope we get more rain than we did in July. Not only have our lawns turned brown, but, gardens and crops have really suffered from a lack of rain.

Food prices already have been going up, but the lack of rain this summer certainly causes concern that food prices will rise even more. Those with a limited income are hit especially hard by higher prices for basic necessities such as food and gas.

One of the services we provide here at Wayne Township to help those on a limited income is a Representative Payee Program for Social Security Disability recipients. This program is provided at no cost to those Social Security recipients who have problems managing their finances on their own.

Under this program Wayne Township becomes the representative payee for the Social Security recipient. The recipient’s Social Security checks are deposited in a bank account and the Township pays the recipient’s bills from the client’s own money. The client also receives a weekly check.

By Wayne Township paying the clients’ bills for them in a timely manner the clients are better protected against eviction, homelessness, late fees and utilities being shut off. The program also protects vulnerable clients from being defrauded.

The Representative Payee Program is administered by Township employees Ralph Charlton and James Graham. Supervisor for the program is Rodney Scott.

Our mission at Wayne Township is to provide the best possible services to those who are unable to provide for their own basic necessities, while protecting taxpayers’ resources. We are very proud that the Representative Payee Program accomplishes this goal.

Another program Wayne Township co-sponsored in July with the City of Fort Wayne was a Construction Opportunity Fair. This Fair was geared toward helping small business owners, particularly emerging business enterprises, obtain construction contracts for upcoming, large construction projects such as Harrison Square and Renaissance Pointe.

The Fair also was geared toward helping persons, particularly low-income individuals obtain higher paying jobs in the construction industry. The Fair at Indiana Institute of Technology was very successful with over 100 persons attending. Both the Harrison Square downtown development project and Renaissance Pointe urban housing project are in Wayne Township.

We had a really nice surprise here at the Township a few weeks ago. A child, I can’t use her name because of confidentiality, wrote us a letter in crayon thanking us for helping her family. Helping people and families is what we are all about at Wayne Township, and it was so touching for a child to send us such a nice thank you.

The Waynedale News Staff

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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