We walkers at Mt. Calvary
Are really quite a lot
Most of us are seniors,
But a few of us are not.


Some of us are early birds
Especially Marge and Jane
Of course, we know the more we walk
The more we stand to gain.


But some prefer to come later
And that is also fine
There’s one rule though we do follow
We must be done by nine.


A few of us are tall and thin
A few of us are small
Size is not a factor here
The Lord loves us all.


Bill used to cut square corners
Like a military man
And if someone goes speeding by,
It’s probably our dear Fran.


Yes, some are fast and some are slow
Whatever’s right for you
Some walk a lot, some talk a lot
Whichever you wish to do.


Kathy used to read and walk
Now I could not do that
I might stumble on my own feet
Or even fall face flat.


One of us will sometimes bounce
A few get bounced around,
And if I’m near, then Sharon says
You’d better hold your ground.


We’re the walkers of Mt. Calvary
And we are quite a crew
We’re here to get our exercise,
But that’s not all we do.


We share our books and puzzles,
Pictures and email, too
And what comes off the Internet
That’s interesting and new.


Betty takes our blood pressures
And tries to do her bit
To watch our ups and downs of health
In helping us stay fit.


She also reads devotions
To keep us all on track
And forge a bond of friendship
That keeps us coming back.


She just cannot say Weubbenhorst
I really don’t know why
Most other names don’t puzzle her
She’ll give them a try.


We go to each other’s Fish Fries
And on Memorial Day
Some of us march proudly,
Our red shirts on display.


Some walk for 20 minutes
Some, an hour or more.
For those who have to go to work,
When it’s time, they’re out the door.


Be sure to speak to Carroll Gould
Or he’ll have something to say
And don’t bring papers on Wednesday,
For Jack plays golf that day.


We share a lot of laughter
Our jokes and stories, too
But if you really want to know,
There’s more worthwhile things we do.


The rummage sale was re-born here
Among us all we walked
We could make it happen again
We decided as we talked.


We share our sorrows here
And sometimes lend a hand
We sympathize, we empathize
And try to understand.


We come from many walks of life
From many different creeds
But here we find our spirits blend
In concern for others’ needs.


As one, we join our hearts in prayer
For those ill and distressed
And He who knows are every need
Will always answer best.


Oh, come and walk at Mt. Calvary
It’s healthy for the heart.
Different faiths find oneness here
I’m glad to be a part!

The Waynedale News Staff

Harriet Stennfeld

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