Dear Editor:

I enjoyed your article on “After The Ban” finding it interesting and impartial. I am not so impartial and believing prohibiting smoking in bars and in private clubs is a grave injustice.

Councilman John Crawford is missing the point when he says, “Health Issues Trump Economic Issues” I believe “freedom of choice trumps avoidable health issues.” In other words, if you believe secondhand smoke is a health issue, stay out of the smoking bars.

Bill Stark


Nancy Olson, author of “With a Lot of Help from my friends,” was convinced, on the basis of her careful research while she served on the staff of Senator Harold Huges, that all of the major scholarly researchers in alcohol studies (the psychiatrists and sociologists and so on) were working off of grant money-the type where a large part of the money was ultimately coming from the organized liquor industry. You might have to follow the money back one or two stages to see that it was in fact coming from the liquor industry (they were careful to launder it through one or more intermediaries), but that’s what she found out, over and over.

And the psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists are making a lot of money off of patients who suffer from chronic alcoholism and foolishly believe these people can help them. And the so-called professionals lose money when potential patients decide to go to A.A. (which is free), instead. The late Dr. Zweig who untilized Alcoholics Anonymous to successfully treat thousands of chronic alcoholics in the Fort Wayne area stated: In the past fifty years I have seen all sorts of methodologies and fancy named programs that supposedly could cure chronic alcoholics, but it’s my ‘medical opinion’ that nothing except A.A. is effective for treating chronic alcoholism. The proof is in the pudding, A.A. has successfully treated millions of chronic alcoholics while the so-called professionals cannot produce any documented evidence that they alone and without the aid of A.A. have ever successfully treated any chronic alcoholic who now enjoys long term sobriety.

So if you follow the money, it is pretty obvious why any piece of trash that seems to “prove” that “A.A. is totally ineffective” or that “lots of alcoholics can successfully become controlled drinkers and continue to drink in moderation,” and all sorts of other rubbish like that, can get published in a so-called scientific journal.

And once published, all these groups have public relations experts who will spend lots of money making sure that stories about these “proven facts” get into newspapers and magazines.



The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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