Recently I learned that various individuals are stealing recyclable cans and other aluminum products from recycling bins. The cases that came to my attention highlight the fact that the theft of aluminum and other valuable metals such as copper has increased considerably during recent months. You’ve probably heard about folks stealing aluminum siding from various locations including construction sites. Even aluminum light poles and some guardrails along roads and highways are being stolen which is ridiculous from the public safety point of view. I’ve heard that catalytic converters have been cut from underneath cars for the $50-60 they will fetch at a recycling facility…equipment which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace. Thousands of dollars of damage have been done to empty homes (the owners may be on vacation or the homes are vacant rental properties) to obtain copper tubing, etc., which will bring the thieves 100-200 bucks. Recently the FW Police Department recovered the gutters which had been stolen from the downtown Cathedral. The bottom line:  Keep your property secure and call 911 if you suspect that any of this thievery is taking place!

Yours truly, Councilmen Tim Pape, and Councilman Tom Didier–with the support of FWPD Police Chief Rusty York and Deputy Chief of Investigations Karl Niblick and City Clerk Sandy Kennedy–recently introduced an important bill to City Council. When passed this ordinance will require companies receiving valuable or precious metals to electronically file information about the seller with the FWPD on a daily basis. Pawn shops and secondhand stores such as video game stores will also be required to file all pawn or purchase information daily with the FWPD. This measure will not affect any federally tax exempt organization. Most of the affected businesses are legitimate operations and we’ve worked hard to make the reporting as convenient as possible. Chief York and I and everyone involved believe that this measure will go a long way toward reducing thefts and the resale or pawning of stolen items in the Fort Wayne area. It is important to note that valuable and precious metals purchases must already be legally recorded on “3 X 5” cards…an outmoded system even if it is being followed. If you support this measure, be sure to let your “at large” City Council members including Councilmen Crawford, Shoaff, and Talarico as well as other Council members know of your support. Thanks!

Don’t forget what I feel is one of the nicest family events in our community–the Waynedale Picnic which is scheduled in Waynedale Park on Saturday, August 18th of this year. The 3 classy Waynedale ladies who conceived this event–Beulah Stoker, Cheryl Connett, and Renee Haugh–as well as their many dedicated volunteers and donors–have lined up a great day of food, games, prizes, and general fun at NO COST to any of the families who attend. There are too many supporters for me to name them all–so be sure to take a good look at the banner at the Waynedale Picnic and to thank some of the supporters of this great kid-oriented project!

Give me a call if you have any suggestions for how we can make our community a better place to live, work, study, and play!

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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