The Simpsons Movie. They finally made it, putting all of the characters you know and love together up on the big screen after nearly twenty years on television. Always satirical, occasionally raunchy, and giggle-out-loud funny throughout, this is one of those movies that you just have to see.

When Homer Simpson dumps pig feces in Lake Springfield, polluting it to an unfathomable extent, the town is incased in a giant dome by the EPA. Homer, the beloved yet idiotic buffoon of a main character, is forced to find a way to save Springfield from being blown up by a psychopathic government official. There are a few side plots, (Homer’s daughter, Lisa, finally finds a guy who cares about the environment, too!) but overall the movie stays pretty close to the point.

The plot is pretty simple, thus receiving both commendations and criticism, but I think that’s what the creators were going for. Something that viewers would appreciate without having to go so far as to take away from the beloved institution that is The Simpsons.

The voice-actors are fantastically well rounded with Dan Castellaneta alone doing twenty voices, including Homer, and Hank Azaria doing nineteen voices. Cast regulars give a wonderful performance as do cameo actors such as Albert Brooks, as the crazy EPA official, and Tom Hanks, as himself.

The production companies launched several major ad-campaigns with Burger King and 7-Eleven convenience stores to get people to come see the movie. BK is sponsoring a popular website where you can upload a picture of yourself and have it turned into a Simpson-esque character and 7-Elevens were transformed into “Kwik-E-Marts” to promote the film.

This movie was controversially animated almost in full using the traditional by-hand method of cartooning and has successfully wiped all nay-saying remarks by becoming the most successful cartoon since the first two Shrek movies.

After ten years of production, I’m honestly a little disappointed in the final product that The Simpsons team has put together. I enjoyed the amusing and mostly funny film, but quite frankly it felt no better than an extended TV episode. The Simpsons Movie said itself that viewers were a bit silly for paying $10 to watch something they can view for free in their own homes.

This is a very funny movie that will have you laughing out for immaturity if for nothing else, but don’t look for anything too mind-blowingly superb here. Fans of the show will enjoy the movie but leave the theater wanting a bit… more.


2.5 stars.

The Waynedale News Staff

Haley Zimmerman

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