After the Black Sox Scandal Judge Kennesaw Landis was appointed commissioner. He ruled with force, which gave him the name, “CZAR.” I remember very well when George Barr told us in one of his classes at umpire’s school that Landis would ask umpires for information as to what was happening in baseball. Landis would have taken an unfavorable position if not told.

Bowie Kuhn and “Happy” Chandler took stands and were fired. An article that appeared on page 331 of USA TODAY BASEBALL WEEKLY, July 5-11, 1991 was titled, “Chandler Was Proud To Be Dismissed.” Chandler once stated he was fired by a conspiracy. Chandler had taken a stand on baseball permitting Jackie Robinson to play ML Baseball.

Because of a long standing, but rare used Book Of Law And Order, 5 of 16 clubs were needed to vote him out of office. Voting that took place was 9 for Chandler and 7 against.

Present Commissioner Bud Selig has never taken a stand on steroid use. He appointed ex-Senator from Maine George Mitchell to investigate the steroid scandal. Selig’s hope is that George Mitchell can do his dirty work for him. Years ago baseball commissioners would take a stand maybe knowing they might lose their jobs.


That’s the way I saw it.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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