The Waynedale Picnic Girls are delighted to take this opportunity to personally Thank You, The Waynedale Community for your generous donations to the 2006 Waynedale Community Picnic in the Park. Your donations to this event makes the Waynedale Picnic a booming success!

This community picnic is unlike any other in Fort Wayne! Our community-oriented event has been looked at and praised by the city government, business, neighborhood associations and other organizations throughout Fort Wayne. They know this picnic event is made possible through your community support!

Councilman Tom Hayhurst has been instrumental in working for our park and community improvements.

The Fort Wayne Parks Department will be installing in our park, a water spray area for your children this summer!

We take pride in serving our Waynedale community!

Above all, we Thank You for your generosity and your support for this community gathering.


See you at the Waynedale
Sat. August 26,
Serving Waynedale, our community, one hot dog at a time!


The Waynedale Picnic Girls!
Renee Haugh
Beulah Stoker
Cheryl Connett

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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