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Umber’s is sprucing up with new siding


Umber’s Ace Hardware was started in Waynedale in 1944. Back then it was just Umber’s Hardware, as Lester Umber didn’t join the Ace franchise until he moved the store in 1954. The original store sat on the southwest corner of Old Trail and Lower Huntington Roads, where Chase Bank now sits.

Prior to starting the hardware store, Lester Umber worked at Wayne Knitting Mills. He started the store while still working at the mill and his family worked there to keep his dream alive until he could quit the knitting mill and work the hardware full time.

The store is still family owned and operated. Dwight Umber, Lester’s son took over from Lester and now, Dave Umber, Dwight’s son has taken over from Dwight. Dave is the third generation at the store and his wife Barbara is the Chief Financial Officer.

Dave and Barbara have a son and a daughter, Grant and Jessica. Both have worked at the store over the years, but it is too soon to know if they will take over the reins from their parents. Dave said, “I think kids should get out on their own and try life on their own terms before joining a family business.”

Recently Dave has been sprucing up the old store by having new siding placed with the help of Vern Hurley of Hurley Construction. In addition to the siding he hopes to place new signage on the south side of the building.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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